Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson shares sweet letter from fan


Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson won the Gold Medal in this year’s inaugural Slopestyle event at the Sochi Olympics. Surely developing quite a bit of fan mail along the way on her journey to the Olympics, she has shared what we will call one of the sweetest letters ever – complete with a penny to rub for good luck!

The letter reads:

Dear Jamie Anderson,
I’m so proud you made the Olyimpic team! I’ve been reading about you and you are really amazing! I learned that you like biking. I like biking, too. I hope you go high and do lots of tricks and do a really good job and do a nice job on the usa team. You are really good at Slopestlye Snowboarding. Rub the penny to get good luck.

You can say it now, we know you want to….“awwww!”