Eagles coach again talks positively of free agent Chase Daniel

Over the last three years Chase Daniel and Doug Pederson got to know each other during a stay with the Kansas City Chiefs. Now Daniels is a free agent while Pederson has moved on from being the offensive coordinator of the Chiefs to being the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Pederson has spoken positively about Daniel in the past and apparently continues to do so according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Daniel has been a backup in the NFL behind the likes of Drew Brees and Alex Smith but apparently Pederson believes that the veteran journeyman could be more. The Eagles have no idea what they are doing at the quarterback position. Sam Bradford is a free agent and the Eagles have not gotten very far in contract talks with him.

For what it’s worth Pederson believes that Bradford wants to return to the Eagles.

It would not be a shock to see the Eagles sign Daniel with the idea of him being a backup or stopgap quarterback and then target a rookie in the draft.