Ravens quarterback for Week 15 is… irrelevant


Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has not announced who would be the teams starting quarterback in Week 15 and the reality is it does not matter one bit.

The Ravens are 4-9 on the season. They were not very good with Joe Flacco as their quarterback before he was injured and they are even worse now. Matt Schaub and Jimmy Clausen are the two options Harbaugh has to choose between but it does not matter.

Neither Schaub or Clausen seem capable of suddenly leading the Ravens to victory, much less against the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs.

The Ravens can play coy but expecting any sort of movement of the football by either quarterback is wishful thinking at its best. The Chiefs beat bad quarterbacks who turn the ball over.

This season the Ravens have turned the ball over 23 times allowing 88 points, the second most in the NFL. A stat the the Chiefs defense will surely be looking to take advantage of this weekend.


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