San Francisco needs Jim Harbaugh to accept Michigan offer to save face


Face it. Jim Harbaugh is not returning to the 49ers. It is one of the worst kept secrets across the NFL.

The former quarterback has led the 49ers to a 43-19-1 record since the start of the 2011 season. He led them to three straight NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl appearance all while reports circulated that he was not getting along with the front office.

Now that defenses have figured out Colin Kaepernick the front office has finally been given its chance to push Harbaugh out. He knows that, else he would have brushed off the talks of him returning to his alma mater like he has in the past.

With a six-year deal worth $48 million on the table from Michigan now may be the time for a move.

This is the perfect cover story for a team – front office – to get rid of a guy they have not wanted. They tried last year and could not get the desired return. This year they figure to get nothing in return. Worse for Harbuagh’s prospects of staying in the NFL with a team like Chicago, New York or Atlanta is that the 49ers will simply not let it happen.

A release from the 49ers will come after the former Wolverines quarterback accepts the deal to return to Michigan. Else-wise they are just a team who pushed out a guy with a .694 winning percentage because a few guys upstairs had big egos.