Cowboys must shake December to make playoffs

Same year, same story for the Cowboys.

After a surprising start the Cowboys have come down to earth losing three of their last five. At 8-4 they sit outside the playoffs, while a team they beat in the Seahawks occupy the final spot.

This year it has not been all about the passing game, instead a recharged offensive line and running back DeMarco Murray have been the talk. The defense has been better than expected and still the Cowboys could miss the playoffs or worse finish at .500 on the year all because of December.

The Cowboys are a mere 12-17 with Tony Romo as their quarterback in December. A stat we will hear about, a stat the Cowboys fanbase will groan about. Worse the Cowboys are just 32-48 in December since their last Super Bowl win.

All this must change. But can it?

Up first for the Cowboys is a Thursday night game against the Bears. At 5-7 the Bears would look like an easy target but so too did the Redskins. Worse the Cowboys have lost their last three match-ups against the Bears with the last two not even being close.

From there the Cowboys go on the road to play the Eagles. We already saw how this one worked out and now the Eagles will have home field advantage. The Cowboys offensive line will have to step up if they are to have a chance in this one, after-all a win may be a necessity to make the playoffs.

The lone home game for the Cowboys over the final four weeks is a match-up against the Colts. The Colts have alternated great showings with clunkers. The optimist sees this as a game the Cowboys can win, the Cowboys fan sees this as another butt kicking.

And fittingly the Cowboys season will again return to Washington. It could be a must-win game for the Cowboys or it could simply be a game worth nothing for either team.

If there is a silver lining it is that the Cowboys are 5-0 on the road and three of their last four take place there. If there is a downside it is that none of those games were played in December.

So do the Cowboys make the playoffs?

As much as it seemed certain a few weeks ago it now appears that the Cowboys could miss out on the postseason. Outside the playoff picture and pressing to get back in. While the schedule should be viewed as favorable the Cowboys track record seeks for itself.