Browns decline to name starter, everything pointing to Johnny Manziel

More than likely the first NFL start in the career of Johnny Manziel will come this Sunday against the Colts.

With a home crowd behind him Manziel will either begin a legendary career or join a list of first round busts that include Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell and Akili Smith.

Much of Sunday’s game will be credited to Manziel – win or lose.

That of course is if he starts. The Browns are playing the coy game by refusing to announce will will start against the Colts. Given the continued struggles of Brian Hoyer and the brief bit of energy Manziel put into the Browns offense a week ago in Buffalo the writing is on the wall. Manziel scored the teams lone touchdown of the day on a ten yard scamper into the endzone. You just can’t go back to game manager Hoyer now.