Browns coach says team will not force starting Johnny Manziel

The Cleveland Browns are still staying the course with Brian Hoyer as their starter. Few could have expected the Browns to be 4-3 at this point so Hoyer at-least deserves some credit for his game manager ability.

While Hoyer continues to start, the big question remains what is going to happen with first round pick Johnny Manziel.

“That’s a position that can be frustrating,” Pettine said via the Akron Beacon Journal. “To go from being the guy at A&M, that’s a tough thing as the reality of the season has clearly set in. But at the same time, we make sure that he’s preparing like a starter. [An injury] can happen in the span of one play.”

But can Manziel play at the NFL level?

“I think we all do [want to know how Manziel would perform],” Pettine said. “I mean, that’s a question that we need to have answered, but it’s not something that you can force. I mean, Brian’s our starting quarterback. That’s a difficult thing to say, ‘Let’s just go ahead and [play Manziel].’ All the games are meaningful now.

The Browns host Tampa Bay on Sunday before playing against division rival Cincinnati next Thursday. Hoyer is one bad start away from being yanked.