Falcons mascot takes out Buccaneers fan running on field

The Atlanta Falcons are currently pouring it on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and that is in more ways than one. The Falcons are not just beating them on the scoreboard but they are humiliating the Buccaneers fanbase.

Case in point? The guy who tried to run on the turf of Freddie Falcon….

Freddie Falcon doing work. #NFL #Bucs #Falcons #Boom #GetSome

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Yes, some fan ran on the field and while he made a v-line to avoid security it could not avoid Freddie – because he is a Falcon and they have some sort of super homing skills to take out idiots who run on the field.

And given this clip… Freddie is not the only one getting touchy tonight.

Some have taken to social media to ask if this was staged. Staged or not, it is awesome.