NFL, Union reach new drug policy allowing Welker and others to retrun

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The NFL and NFLPA have reached an agreement on a new drug policy which includes testing for HGH and neutral arbitration for appeals.

Under the agreement which was announced on Tuesday suspended players Wes Welker, Orlando Scandrick and Stedman Bailey will all be eligible to return to the field in Week 3. All three players previously had been suspended four games for testing positive for substances which will now fall under the substance abuse policy.

HGH testing will be implemented by the end of the month.

Here is a break down of the new policy:

• Positive tests for diuretics or masking agents will result in a two-game ban;

• Positive tests for a steroid, stimulant or HGH will result in a four-game ban.

• Evidence that an attempt was made to manipulate a test result will result in a six-game suspension.

Players will receive a 10-game suspension for a second violation of the policy while a third positive test will result in a suspension of at least two years.

Notably positive tests for banned stimulants in the offseason will no longer result in suspensions. Testing positive for these during the regular season will still be considered a violation of the PED policy with a four-game ban to follow.