Orlando Scandrick apologies for positive drug test

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A day after receiving a four game suspension for a positive drug test, Dallas Cowboys cornerback issued an apology to the team and its fans.

Scandrick claims that his positive drug test is the result of recreational drug use in April with his ex-girlfriend in Mexico. Reports have circulated that Scandrick used Ecstasy or Molly.

“I made a bad decision,” Scandrick said after practice on Tuesday, via ESPN. “I’m responsible for what goes in my body. I know I’m responsible for what goes in my body. It’s a very humbling experience.

“I’m very sorry. I apologize to the Jones family. I’m very sorry to my teammates. I’m very sorry to the fans of Cowboys nation and I’m very sorry to my family.”

“Obviously on that moment in April, I was very disrespectful to this game,” Scandrick added. “I was very disrespectful to this team, to this organization, to the National Football League. I have to face the consequences for what I ingested.”

The Cowboys have been aware of an impending suspension towards Scandrick since April.

“It’s disappointing,” said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. “It certainly is. The rules are such that we have to control what goes into our body. We own that. We’re completely responsible for that. Orlando was very apologetic about it. He realizes that it was a mistake and was very upfront about it, and it’s behind him.

“What we’re going to do now is we’re going to make the best out of this situation, both in regards to him and in regards to our football team. It’s important for him not to lose our spirit because he brings a lot to our team, and he will over the next few weeks of practice and then certainly when he comes back during the season.”

While Scandrick will be allowed to practice and participate in preseason games, the Cowboys will now need Morris Claiborne to step up at corner opposite of Brandon Carr once the season starts.