Paul Kruger throws support behind Brian Hoyer in Browns QB battle

ap photo

ap photo

The Cleveland Browns have two players battling for the starting quarterback job.

Brian Hoyer sparked the offense a season ago but suffered a torn ACL. During the NFL Draft the team selected Johnny Manziel in the first round. Now the two are squaring off for the starting job.

And naturally players in the locker room have varying views on who should be the starter when the season gets underway.

“Me personally, I mean obviously that’s up to the staff and coaches so they’ll make that decision,” linebacker Paul Kruger told 1320 KFAN in Salt Lake City, via Pro Football Talk. “But in my mind, [Brian] Hoyer’s the guy. Hoyer came in, won us four games, unfortunately got hurt. But the guy was on fire when he was healthy. He’s proven himself at different levels and has worked extremely hard.”

Hoyer won three games with the Browns, one of which happened in a game in which he suffered the torn ACL. Still some veterans like Kruger believe he is the better option right now.

“In my mind, Hoyer has been a good leader for us and, you know, somebody who has been able to win us some games,” Kruger said. “So it’s tough to say but I think the preseason will be a big deal for both of them.”

Even if Hoyer wins the starting job for the Browns the potential lack of Josh Gordon is going to hurt his chances of succeeding and could force the team to turn to Manziel quickly.