Rolando McClain showed up late to workout with Ravens

credit: getty images

credit: getty images

Rolando McClain wants to continue his NFL career. A year after retiring the 24-year-old is back hoping to resume his career. On Tuesday he had a workout with the Baltimore Ravens.

According to multiple sources including CBS Sports, the workout did not go well. McClain was out of shape and even showed up late.

McClain was unable to finish his finish his conditioning test and was unable to do any of the assigned drills.

The Ravens still own the rights to McClain so they will have first crack at him if his career is to resume.

It has been a difficult time on and off the field for McClain in recent years. McClain was first arrested in December 2011 in an incident where all the charges were eventually dropped. The 2011 arrest was followed up by an arrest in January 2013 where McClain was charged with a window tint violation and for giving false information to a police officer. In April of 2013 he was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. That arrest came just two weeks after signing with the Ravens.

When McClain retired he said that retirement was the best thing for him, telling ESPN the Magazine that he was afraid of turning out like Aaron Hernandez. “I was feeling like Aaron Hernandez or something,” McClain said. “Like I just wanted to kill somebody.”