Giants concerned that Eli Manning is in decline?

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getty images

The New York Giants are not sure what to expect out of quartberback Eli Manning this season.

While those outside the Giants have had questions about Manning’s future ESPN’s Dan Graziano reports that there are some within the organization that are wondering the same thing.

There are those who wonder whether Manning is a player in decline at age 33. This is a question that has not gone unasked within the ranks of the Giants’ front office. It is part of the reason the Giants decided not to try this offseason to extend Manning’s contract, which runs through 2015, even though doing so would have offered them significant salary cap relief. They would like to see him pull out of his downward trend before they commit to his late 30s. Their hope is that he has a big year and that extending him next offseason makes sense.

It is debatable whether or not the Giants are any better with their offseason additions. The Giants offensive line remains a mess and their receiving core is still looking for go to pieces.

The Giants did get a new offensive coordinator in Ben McAdoo but whether or not that will turn Manning around remains to be seen.

In 2013 Manning threw for 3,818 yards and 18 touchdowns last season but also threw 27 interceptions.