Doug Baldwin: The N-word is a “term of endearment”

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The NFL wants to cut back on the use of the N-word during it’s games in 2014. That idea has not been well received by African American players.

After Seattle Seahawks teammate Richard Sherman said banning the word was an “atrocious idea” that was “almost racist” on Monday, his teammate Doug Baldwin joined in on that sentiment.

“I think it’s absurd,” Baldwin said Monday night, per Todd Dybas of The News Tribune. “I understand Roger Goodell and his safety council, or whoever they are, they’re trying to do this with good intentions. … Maybe. But, if you look at it, the only people who say the N-word on the football field are African-Americans. Whether whoever wants to agree with it or not, we have turned it kind of into a term of endearment.”

Baldwin questioned why it was the N-word that had been mentioned when other inappropriate words are said on the football field.

“So, for the rule to specifically to hone in on one word, it’s kind of odd to me when there’s so many other things that are more offensive that have been said on the football field,” he said. “That word, like you’ve heard many guys say, they’ve never heard it towards them in a disrespectful way (on the field). It’s more of a term of endearment. Never heard it from the opposite race, so the only people they are really going at are African-Americans.

“If you want to ban offensive language, let’s ban all offensive language. Not one particular word that is only used by one particular group.”

This story is getting far too much play while there clearly are other words that need to be banned as well. Sooner or later the NFL will have to address this situation publicly.