Cowboys restructure deals of Romo, Lee and Scandrick


The Dallas Cowboys began the annual process of kicking salary down the road this week when they restructured the deals of quarterback Tony Romo, linebacker Sean Lee and cornerback Orlando Scandrick reports ESPN.

Romo had $12.5 million of his $13.5 million base salary turned into a signing bonus. The move was soley made in an effort to get under the 2014 salary cap. Romo’s cap figure in 2014 drops from $21.773 million to $11.773 million.

It was not just Romo who the Cowboys made this arrangement. They also converted $4.75 million of Lee’s $5.5 million base salary into a bonus and $3.75 million of Scandrick’s $4.5 million salary into a bonus.

Dallas is still right at the salary cap line and the draft has not taken place. A move for Phil Costa or DeMarcus Ware could still happen. Dallas also is waiting until June 1 to release Miles Austin, a move that can save them $5.5 million.