Jonathan Vilma concerned about sharing locker room with gay teammate


Multiple NFL players spoke with Andrea Kremer in a recent interview about how they would feel about an openly homosexual teammate.
“There’s such a stigma with gay and homosexuals within male sports,” London Fletcher, Washington Redskins linebacker, said during the session with Kremer. “It would be very difficult for that first person to come out.”

Jonathan Vilma was one that posted a strong opinion about having a gay teamate, mainly regarding the idea of having to shower next to him.

“I think that he would not be accepted as much as we think he would be accepted,” Vilma said.“I don’t want people to just naturally assume, like, ‘Oh, we’re all homophobic.’ That’s really not the case. Imagine if he’s the guy next to me and, you know, I get dressed, naked, taking a shower, the whole nine, and it just so happens he looks at me. How am I supposed to respond?”

Vilma has been touted as homesexual in the past,  in 2011 he wrote on Twitter, “Grown men should NOT hav [sic] female tendencies. Period.” When there was a backlash, he was quick to respond, “So of course the homosexual men get sensitive to my tweet and respond all ticked off. RELAX I was not referring to u guys.”

As of 2013, there are no openly gay players in the sport.