Coughlin: Giants did not force Gilbride out

New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride retired on Thursday.

It would be easy to believe that Gilbride was forced out after the Giants finished 28th in the NFL in scoring this past season. Head coach Tom Coughlin denied that idea while appearing on WFAN on Friday.

“The first thing I said to our owners is I’m responsible for the coaches, and to think there’s any one individual who is responsible for the circumstances that we found ourselves in, that’s crazy,”

Coughlin and Gilbride have worked together since 1995 in Jacksonville.

“Kevin had talked about this a little in the past. I know his wife had been living — they have a place up in Rhode Island and he goes back and forth, and that’s difficult during the season obviously. I think all those things kind of started to wear on Kevin, and he had made the decision that he was going to have this as his last year.”

The Giants opened the season with an 0-6 record and rallied to finish 7-9.

In 2013 the Giants saw quarterback Eli Manning throw 27 interceptions behind a flimsy offensive line. The Giants never got their running back in shape and finished 29th in yards per game.