Fans bought all the items on Robert Griffin’s wedding registry


Remember that time that Robert Griffin announced that he was getting married? Fans certainly did as they bought up all of the items on his wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond. For those who missed the boat Griffin and long time girlfriend Rebecca Liddicoat will marry in July.

Griffin recently sent out a photo of himself with a bunch of boxes and sent out a message thanking fans for buying  the items.

“Thank you to the Fans who are helping buy ALL the items from our wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond #AppreciateEverything” Griffin posted.

Naturally the idea of fans buying a multi-million dollar athlete wedding gifts upset some but the Redskins quarterback defended the gifts in a tweet.

Judging from the boxes RG3 and his bride to be could not wait to see what was inside. And since we will forget we want to go ahead and wish the couple a nice Wedding Day.