Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant “I’m just getting started”

Following a thrilling win at home against Philadelphia the Dallas Cowboys are back in the playoff hunt. The brightest performance from Sunday nights game came from wide receiver Dez Bryant who showcased nationally his ability to be a difference maker.

Bryant has been in the news multiple times this season, almost none of them for good reasons. Still, Cowboy fans are hoping that there is more of what Bryant was able to do Sunday night in store for the future. If the Cowboys are to make the playoffs big plays will be needed from Bryant.

“Tony believes in me. I want that to increase,” Bryant said after the game. “It’s all about not losing composure and being focused and just doing what’s right. I feel like just me staying on top of my game makes a big difference.”

That chemistry has not been there all season for the Cowboys. Romo and Bryant have not been in sync and there have even been occasions where it did not appear that Bryant was aware of the play the Cowboys were running.

Against the Eagles, Bryant caught six passes for 98 yards and two game changing touchdowns. RELATED: Cowboys survive sluggish start to defeat Eagles

“When your number is called you do your job,” Bryant said. “I knew it was going to come, and it did.”

Over Bryant’s last four games he has 29 catches for 475 yards and six touchdowns. He is 22 yards short of his first 1,000 yard season.

Asked after the game about where he stood among a crop of talented receivers in the NFL the Cowboy receiver said to ask him again after the season.

“I’m very confident,” Bryant said. “I’m just getting started.”