NASCAR Qualifying changes does not include single car runs

NASCAR has made some changes to qualifying.

Those hoping to see a return to single car qualifying will be disappointed.

Starting at Texas, any driver that does not take a lap in any of the qualifying rounds will have all previously posted times in qualifying disallowed. Any driver blocking out road will also receive a penalty which could result in their times being disallowed.

NASCAR Vice President of Competition Scott Miller days single car qualifying was not considered.

“One of the things we wanted to hold true to is not to go back to single-car qualifying,” Miller said. “Single-car qualifying is two things – it’s boring and it’s expensive. It also doesn’t create a good show.

“Anytime we go on the track it should be a show. Certainly, we are in, first and foremost, the racing business. But we’re also in show business. We definitely have to provide our fans with something that’s intriguing to watch and gets them excited about coming back and watching the race.”


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