NASCAR finds another way to make racing look stupid with new caution clock


I waited a few minutes after hearing the latest news from NASCAR. I wanted to make sure I was not living in some bizarre video world in which cars race to check points en-route to finishing a course. And then suddenly I realized it was real..

NASCAR is unleashing the caution clock.

The Camping World Truck Series will be the first series to have this joke of a format available. It was also announced that both the Truck and Xfinity Series would be adding the Chase format during the 2016 season but alas that’s a nothing compared to this joke.

Once the green flag waves, a clock will begin counting down from 20 minutes. Should no one wreck, debris fall on the surface or someone accidentally lean on the button a caution will come out once the clock reaches zero. Once a caution occurs the clock resets. Eldora Speedway is will not follow this format.

With 20 laps to go the clock will shut off with the exception of Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and Pocono Raceway (10 laps to go at those two tracks) – because it never takes 20 minutes to run 20 laps anyway and counting down for no reason is just plain as stupid as counting down in the first place.

Just for clarification: The 20 (or 10) lap rule is hard and fast. If there is 15 seconds left on the caution clock when the leader crosses the line for 20 laps to go, the clock is shut off and there will be no caution.

The new Chase is considered a way to help underfunded teams while this caution clock simply helps the better funded teams get more chances to claim wins – as if they do not get enough as it is.