With return and wins Kyle Busch is winning fans over


The boos are becoming less common. The winning remains.

Kyle Busch won his third straight race of the season on Sunday with a win at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Still outside the top-30 in points which would guarantee a spot in the end of year Chase, Busch has won four of the last five NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races.

Even on Twitter the negative comments towards the younger Busch brother are lessening. Maybe it is the winning, perhaps it’s also an improved attitude.

Since sitting out the start of the season following an injury suffered in the Xfinity race at Daytona, Busch has come on strong in recent weeks since his return to the sport. With a new baby and a car capable of winning weekly, Busch no longer comes across as pouty or the guy you would simply rather avoid talking to at any cost.

While Busch is becoming a favorite for those predicting the eventual end of year champion, we must remember that it only takes once bad race once the Chase starts to derail any drivers’ season. Even if they seem unbeatable like Busch has in recent weeks.