NASCAR says there will be “consequences” following Jennifer Jo Cobb’s walk onto track

Following an early race crash, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Jennifer Jo Cobb stepped onto the track at Dover.

Cobb’s actions were to show displeasure with the No. 19 of race winner Tyler Reddick, however are no longer allowed following a rule change last year.

Following the death of Sprint car driver Kevin Ward a new rule was implemented barring drivers from stepping onto the racing surface during an event.

“The fact that I forget is such a shame because the reason (the rule) is in place likely stems from a tragedy that none of us should forget,’’ Cobb said after meeting with NASCAR officials.

Elton Sawyer, director of the Camping World Truck Series, said Cobb’s action were a “serious infraction.” and that “She understands what she did and there will be consequences.”

“I was still mad as hell,’’ Cobb said of the lap 14 incidnet. “The reason for such anger is it’s so early in the race.”

“There are 32 trucks. I don’t care what anybody says, all 32 trucks matter. We run on a budget of about $300,000 a year. They run on a budget of $3 million a year. My truck is 10 times harder to drive than his truck. Despite all of that, our ultimate goal is to earn the respect of these guys. There are 99 percent of them that will tell you that we’ve done it.’’

Reddick contends he did not make contact with Cobb’s truck.