Brad Keselowski lost $1 million with truck team in 2014

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The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series has few dominant trucks but being one of them does not make a team profitable.

Speaking to MRN on Tuesday, Brad Keselowski said that his two truck team lost $1 million in 2014.

“It’s really simple, you’ve got to cut costs and raise more revenue,’’ he told Motor Racing Network. “It’s easier said than done. It’s all hands on deck to make that happen. I worry all the time about it.

“I sat in meetings before I came here this week talking about it, trying to decide where we’re at, what’s acceptable for a loss. I’d like to be able to pay every one of my employees 60-70 grand a year with full benefits … but if the business goes sour because of that that’s not really going to work.

“I’d love to be able to have my Trucks in the wind tunnel every week, and I’d love to be able to have a bunch of things for competition that it’s going to take, but it would just run the business broke.

Given how far above and beyond the No. 29 and No. 19 trucks were ahead of much of the competition this is not a surprise. While the simple solutions of raising more revenue and cutting costs are easy to say, Keselowski is not about to sacrifice winning.

“I’m not interested in being involved in the Truck Series if I don’t feel like we can be competitive. My breaking point is two areas – it’s going broke and not being competitive. We have to walk that line every day with every decision we make.’’

While Keselowski losing money is not good for him the bigger question seems to be whether or not the Truck Series – and in part the Nationwide Series – can field profitable teams. If the top stars are not racing and if NASCAR implements cost saving maneuvers will fans tune in?