Carl Edwards and JGR quiet on rumors of driver signing with team


Could this be the last year of Carl Edwards driving a Ford Fusion for Roush Fenway Racing?

A lot of people were caught off guard when 2003 NASCAR champion Matt Kenseth left RFR for Joe Gibbs Racing, less would be caught off guard by a Edwards move.

When Kenseth left RFR he said it was for his future and where he saw the programs going in the future. In his first season at JGR he won seven cup series races, more than all the RFR drivers combined. Now two years after Kenseth announced his move another long-time driver of Jack Roush could be following him but no one is talking about it, well public.

Kenseth for his part is not about to be pulled into the discussion about his former teammate.

“Man, that’s not really my department,” Kenseth said at Charlotte. “I haven’t really put any thought into that. I’ve been more trying to figure out how we can get back to victory lane like my other teammates so we’re qualified for the Chase or have a better chance of getting qualified for the Chase and just get back to form and running like we were last year. I try to stay pretty hard away from all the rumors.”

“When it comes to driver contracts, I think you guys all understand that our agreement is with our teams,” said Ford Racing director Jamie Allison.. “Teams contract (with) drivers. Manufacturers, yes, have a role to play, but at the end of the day, this is a communication and an agreement between teams and drivers.”

JGR owner Joe Gibbs is not about to shed any light either.

“We get into this every year and there’s a period we kind of got to go through, I’ve come to feel.” said Gibbs, via Motorsport  “Anything that’s going on right now, to me, is kind of that rumor time – and I don’t think I need to be commenting on it,” Gibbs said. “So many times when the top guys come up, everybody in the sport kind of looks at it. There’s a couple of guys this year – that are on their last year, so it kind of happens.”

“We have said for the last five years that when things come up we have always looked at it,” Gibbs said. “But it’s hard to do. Like I’ve said, it’s extremely hard to do cause you’ve get so many things to work to make it happen. I’d say for the last four to five years we’ve looked at it, but it’s hard to do and we haven’t been able to think it’s best for us.”

Hardly a denial by anyone but far from a done deal.