Introducing the updated NASCAR Air Titan 2.0

NASCAR via Getty Images

NASCAR via Getty Images

NASCAR introduced the newly updated Air Titan 2.0 this morning at Martinsville Speedway.  Air Titan 2.0 is a more compact, more nimble and more environmentally friendly version of its predecessor that was introduced  in February 2013.

The new version of the Air Titan removes  the bulky support vehicles required by Air Titan 1.0 with a single, self-contained unit that’s perched on the bed of a Toyota Tundra.


By changing the size of the Air Titan, NASCAR can now deploy up to 21 units in Toyota Tundras at larger venues and operate more efficiently on smaller tracks.

Air Titan 2.0 will deliver air at a speed of 568 MPH. It raises air temperature by 70 degrees over ambient at the blade and it is more eco-friendly, consuming 78% less fuel per hour and emitting 80% less CO2 per hour.

It will reduce track drying time by 25-50% depending on conditions.

“The Air Titan 2.0 is the latest example of NASCAR making substantive changes to our operations and business practices to help reduce the environmental impact of our sport,” said Dr. Mike Lynch, NASCAR vice president of green innovation.

With a soggy Friday and Saturday ahead, there is a good chance Air Titan 2.0 will be able to show off its new features this weekend.

“Developed by our engineers at the NASCAR R&D Center, Air Titan 2.0 will help us more quickly return to racing, which serves our most important mission – the enjoyment of our fans,” said Brian France, NASCAR chairman and CEO. “It’s faster, more agile and eco-friendly. The new Air Titan creates the ultimate win-win-win for our sport, our fans and our environment.”

And Air Titan 2.0 made it’s debut on March 29 at Martinsville.