Donovan McNabb attends race, sits with Jimmie Johnson’s team


Last year former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb questioned whether or not NASCAR drivers are athletes.

Speaking about Jimmie Johnson, McNabb questioned the atheism in NASCAR. ”

“He sits in a car and he drives,” McNabb told Fox Sports. “That’s not athletic. What athletically is he doing?”

To which Johnson replied:

“Yes, I am an athlete, and so is every other driver in one of these race cars,” said Johnson. “Even Tony Stewart.”

On Sunday, it was McNabb who was at Auto Club Speedway in the pitbox of Johnson’s team.

Have McNabb and Johnson buried the hatchet? … or is this simply FOX soothing over the comments of one of its anchors with a sport which has yielded it high weekend ratings for the past decade?

Here is one fans photo of Johnson and McNabb chatting prior to Sunday’s running of the Auto Club 400.