Snowball Derby qualifying results with locked in drivers


The Snowball Derby will take place on Sunday but qualifying for the event got underway on Friday. Chase Elliott continued to showcase his talents at the 1/2 mile Five Flags Speedway claiming the pole.

Elliott was the 2011 winner of the Snowball Derby and has two wins in the Snowflake 100 to his credit.

Below is the full qualifying results for the event. Drivers in bold are locked into the event either via qualifying or from a provisional. Only 33 drivers are locked into the field with four more to be with the last chance qualifier race on Saturday.

Elliott was the last qualifier and set a new track record in the process with a lap of 16.133 seconds.

Snowball Derby Qualifying Results

  1. Chase Elliott
  2. Bubba Pollard
  3. John Hunter Nemechek
  4. Daniel Hemric
  5. Augie Grill
  6. Casey Smith
  7. Austin Theriault
  8. David Ragan
  9. Zak Hausler
  10. Grant Enfinger
  11. Ross Kenseth
  12. Erik Jones
  13. Stephen Nasse
  14. Kyle Benjamin
  15. Paul Shafer Jr.
  16. Ben Kennedy
  17. Chad Finley
  18. T.J. Reaid
  19. Preston Peltier
  20. Hunter Robbins
  21. Mason Massey
  22. Derek Thorn
  23. Johanna Long
  24. Spencer Davis
  25. Boris Jurkovic
  26. Jeremy Pate
  27. Mike Garvey
  28. Logan Boyett
  29. Landon Cassill
  30. Anderson Bowen
  31. Donnie Wilson
  32. Mason Mingus
  33. Clay Rogers
  34. D.J. VanderLey
  35. David Rogers
  36. Kyle Bryant
  37. Brady Boswell
  38. Alex Labbe
  39. Dwayne Buggay
  40. Mark Kraus
  41. Josh Hamner
  42. Dalton Grindle
  43. Kyle Grissom
  44. Chris Wimmer
  45. Lonnie Somerville
  46. Chris Davidson
  47. Nathan Davis
  48. D.J. Shaw
  49. Jeff Fultz
  50. Junior Niedecken
  51. Cale Gale
  52. Jerry Artuso
  53. Dakoda Armstrong
  54. Allen Karnes
  55. Cole Powell
  56. Tim Martin
  57. Steve Dorer
  58. Dennis Schoenfeld


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