Pro-marijuana ad to appear at Brickyard this weekend


Fans attending this weekends races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway will see a pro-marijuana video posted on a giant video screen prior to entering the famed Brickyard.

Marijuana Policy Project, the nation’s largest pro-marijuana legalization advocacy group, has purchased space to air a video promoting the idea that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol.

While it’s made to look like a beer ad, its also promotes the benefits of marijuana over alcohol. Unlike beer, a narrator in the video says, marijuana has “no calories,” “no hangovers” and, the ad says, “it’s not linked to violence or reckless behavior.”

The video ends with this tagline: “Less harmful than alcohol, and time to treat it that way.”

NASCAR has no affiliation with the advertiser or the company selling the inventory. Since the ad will not appear anywhere on the property of Indianapolis Motor Speedway NASCAR has declined to comment on it.

This weekends race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway is sponsored by Crown Royal.