After test Antron Brown interested in more


The NHRA ‘s reigning Top Fuel champion tested a K&N pro Series car on Tuesday with Rev Racing. Antron Brown got behind the wheel of the car and ran laps at Motor Mile in Langley, Va. The next step for Brown could be competing in a late model race.

Brown knows speed but typically going fast means a straight line down a quarter-mile track. On Tuesday the 37-year-old made left hand turns.

“I started off easy at the beginning just getting my feet wet — not really worried about times,” Brown said. ” When the track got hot, I was pretty much running what some of the other drivers were running. I was right in the ballpark. Just worked at getting more consistent with it where I could duplicate each lap, and run on the marks, and stuff like that.”

Brown ran 100 laps at the track with Rev Raving driver Brian Gifford on the radio to help him hit his marks.

“The next step is just that we’re going to be back in contact and try to come out and maybe do some testing in a late model car,” he said. “Go do some testing in a late model car, and then actually maybe that same week we can make a race with it. And that’s the next step. That’s our next step that we’re going to talk about, and that we have to plan and we have to do when the schedule’s got an opening, but I definitely want to get back and try to do it some more.”