Denny Hamlin and Brian France still disagree about fine


credit: getty images

Denny Hamlin was fined earlier this year for his comments about the Generation-6 car. While Hamlin did not pursue an appeal of the $25,000 fine from NASCAR he has let his displeasure be known.

On Saturday Brian France spoke to the media before the running of the Nationwide Series event at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

One of the topics France was asked to talk about was the decision to fine Hamlin. When asked what he had learned from the decision to fine Hamlin the CEO of NASCAR said nothing.

“We didn’t learn anything.  Our policy is our policy.  You can say rowdy things.  You can say things that we don’t like at all.  You can criticize us, and it happens quite a bit.  As I’ve said, that policy goes further than any other sport, major sport, in this country.” said France.

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France went on to say that there is a line that Hamlin crossed with his comments and said he had the support of other drivers in the garage.

“Let me tell you, I can’t tell you how many drivers came up to me after the Denny Hamlin comment and said, You got to do that or we won’t be able to help ourselves from time to time, I’m glad you did that.  They all know the line.  They all know exactly where it is, because we talk about it.  I talk about it directly with every one of the drivers, every one of the owners.  No disputing that.”

Of course someone is disputing that, Denny Hamlin to be exact.

All this should make for an interesting Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday.