No-mar Garciaparra! Will resign with Red Sox then retire

The playing days of Nomar GaOakland Athletics vs New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in New Yorkrciaparra are over. For eight seasons Nomar was a member of the Boston Red Sox until a noteworthy confrontation over a contract eventually saw the team send him to Chicago during their 2004 World Series season.

He played as a part of the Cubs, Dodgers and A’s following that time but those times were more highlighted on the disabled list rather then his contributions in the lineup.

The Red Sox are having a  press conference this morning to officially announce the one day contract and subsequent retirement.

While there has been rampant reports that Garciaparra used steroids during his time in Boston there hasn’t been any official comment on the matter by the athlete himself. He finishes a 14 year career with a .313/.361/.521 line with 229 home runs and 936 RBI. He finishes with 1747 career hits.

Some will remember Nomar for things like his name is Ramon, his fathers name, spelled backwards. His constant toe taps inside the batters box which was from his childhood playing days where his shoes were too big for his feet.

But for me the career of Nomar Garciaparra is filled with more questions. Did he use steroids? What would his number be like had he not been so injured at the end of his career? How come the Red Sox couldn’t win a World Series until the year they traded him?

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