Doink the Clown dead at age 56


One of the most memorable gimmicks in wrestling during the early ’90s was that of Doink the Clown.

Matt Osborne, aka the original Doink the Clown, passed away Friday in Texas. He was 56.

The WWE released a statement offering its condolences on Osborne’s death.

Reports indicate that Matt Osborne, aka the original Doink the Clown, has passed away. A rugged brawler in promotions like Mid-South Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling, Osborne made a major impact in WWE under the greasepaint of a prankster named Doink — one of the most enduring personas of the early ’90s.

WWE is saddened by the news of Osborne’s passing. Our deepest condolences go out to Osborne’s family, friends and fans.

And who can forgot this titantron?

Doink never won a title while in the WWE. Osborne would later take the character to other wrestling promotions.