Lolo Jones makes US bobsled team

Lolo Jones was asked to be a motivational speaker for the U.S. bobsled team three weeks ago. On Thursday the track and field athlete was announced as one of 24 athletes on the U.S. bobsled team. Jones was one of six women’s push athletes selected, sprinting gold medalist Tianna Madison was also selected.

“I just came out here and kind of needed to get away from track for a bit, kind of wanted to get some motivation,” Jones told The Associated Press. “I thought coming out here with the other girls that we could help each other, we could benefit from one another. I could help them with their speed and they could help me with my strength. And just being around them, hearing their goals gave me new goals and refreshed me.”

Jones finished fourth at the London Games in the hurdles event. It marked the second time she had failed to win a medal. Jones is still planning to compete in the hurdles in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Jones and Madison had been invited to the bobsled push championship by coach Todd Hays. Hays had hoped that their presence would raise team moral. Instead Hays got two new members of the team.

Other women in the push-athlete mix are 2010 Olympian Emily Azevedo, world championship medalist Katie Eberling, Lake Placid start-record-holder Aja Evans and former Cal track athlete Cherrelle Garrett.

With six women vying for three roles, there’s no guarantee that Jones or Madison would start on the World Cup circuit.


  1. Shouldn’t the article be about Tianna Madison making the team. She did win the gold and Jones has never won a medal. Who cares about Jones she’s an arrogant jerk. These types of articles support my reasoning behind hating the media.

    • Kevin when I looked up the definition of the word douche in the dictionary there was a pic of you next to it. You should pull your head out of your you know what and she a little class.

  2. Go LoLo, get that gold medal. I’m proud of you for sticking to your dream of winning a gold. Let the haters hate and just do you. YOLO!


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