Detroit Lions sign Matthew Stafford to extension


The Detroit Lions and QB Matthew Stafford have come to terms on a three-year, $53 million contract extension.  Stafford was highly involved in the contract process, according to Lions president Tom Lewand.

“Matthew really drove this process,” Lewand said. “He worked hard on the contract front and, for him, it really was more about the process, more about being here, more about solidifying himself as the leader of this team and of that locker room than it was about every last zero or every last dollar and cent on the contract. Without his active involvement and his leadership, I don’t think we’re standing here talking about it today.”

Stafford was involved in the process from the beginning and his goals, along with those of the club, seemed to be more in line from the beginning than typical contracts involving this much money.

“I want to be about the team,” Stafford said Wednesday after signing the deal. “I want to help the team out if I can in cap space, whatever it is. I want good players around me as a quarterback. It doesn’t hurt to have weapons and if I can help out anyway I can, I’m happy to do it.”

Stafford officially signed the deal Wednesday morning. He’s now due $76.5 million through 2017, which will be his age-29 season. The deal includes $41.5 million guaranteed, a $27.5 million signing bonus and puts Stafford in line for another mega-contract before his 30th birthday.

Through 45 career starts, Stafford is the owner of an 82.8 QB rating, an 80:54 TD:INT ratio and 12,807 yards.

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