Is Racing an Expensive Sport?

What really attracts people to racing? A feeling of speed, adrenaline rush, a constant feeling of control to make things go right during the drive. There are plenty of reasons why people are drawn to this sport. And money is not always the case. There are different kinds of vehicles that can be chosen for this sport. It can be a go-kart, a truck, a motorcycle, or just a car. The rush and excitement will be the same. If you are taking part in Formula1, for instance, you hear the screams and shouts of spectators all around the whole day, cheering and inspiring to reach the next record. Or you may forget about winning. Money can become irrelevant for a while, and you experience an emotional outburst from the whole drive and excitement. As a spectator, you might experience the same feelings even when watching the racing from the grandstand. That’s why it became so popular today.

Formula 1 is the most popular and expensive racing series in the world. More than 19 countries participate in this event throughout the season, and the number of fans is expanding each year, filling the grandstands to the extreme. It is considered the most visited and the most popular event in racing history.

However, in NASCAR, there is a slight decrease in the number of fans who come to see the race. It doesn’t mean that the particular car race is losing its popularity. On the contrary, it attracts more and more people to watch it remotely, and the number of its fans beats all the most popular sports being watched, such as baseball or American football. However, as was already mentioned, the new format of the race made changes in public attendance.

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NASCAR is more popular in America than Formula 1, but it’s not less expensive. The competition of this particular race takes place every weekend, so you can see that almost ten months in the year, at least two days a week are occupied for this series of car racing filling the grandstands with excited spectaculars with their binoculars, and the cars are driving in circles. People are shouting and screaming, trying to cheer each other up and enjoy the whole action. NASCAR drivers are very accessible to the fans after the competition, so there’s not a problem at all getting close and taking an autograph.

But Why are Such Races Very Expensive?

There is no doubt that it’s a rich sport. In comparison to other sports with the same number of fans and spectators attending a competition, we can notice millions of dollars taken out of the budget for such entertainment. People come to watch expensive super-fast cars that are exquisitely designed by experienced and qualified teams. If you are a student who desperately wants to visit such an event but doesn’t have a chance to do it due to the amount of homework and the lack of time, then visit websites where you can check free essays on business to get an idea of what to write in your own one.

As for the development of racing cars, it costs pretty significantly; thus, the most money goes into this area. Let’s see all the factors why car racing is considered to be the most expensive sport.

The most expensive cars in the world

The cars specially designed for these performances are of great value. Designers and engineers produce high-speed cars by using the best materials. In such a way, the cars are built with light materials utilizing carbon fiber that makes the car weigh almost nothing and show top-level performance. Besides, all the cars in this particular activity are compared to a computer car which requires expensive assembling.

The best team

The team plays one of the most important roles in the whole process. It can count about 500 staff members on average, including engineers, mechanics, strategists, and drivers. The driver gets a lot of money for his job. Even not considering the sponsorship or bonuses, the earnings are still very high. It’s unbelievable how much money is invested into each person on the team to make the work brilliant as it is.

High-quality fuel

They use special fuel for racing cars. Since they don’t tend to deliver the best gas mileage, the fuel should be appropriate for the purpose. That’s why the fuel is of high quality,y and the prices are generally at the corresponding level.

Spare moving parts

Their cars are exposed to constant extreme conditions and failures. Thus, the spare parts come in handy; they frequently get changes into the same parts that also cost much. As a rule, some parts must be removed or changed after each pass. The wear and tear on some parts require the same procedure.

As we can see, the listed factors lead to race cars being expensive. The construction, the maintenance, and the race itself take a lot of money out of the budget to make the competition the most brilliant and exciting event for the spectators.

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