How Fans Are Responding To NASCAR Racism Allegations

If you are a hardcore NASCAR fan, you are probably familiar with the recent noose allegations. Racism is the main topic of every mainstream media segment. Thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities throughout the United States to rebel against racism. A six-block neighborhood in Seattle was recently taken over by a group of protesters. While most people agree with the movement, the protest is beginning to take its toll on local businesses. In the meantime, NASCAR has come under fire after racism allegations surfaced. Learn more by reading the article below.

Noose Found In Black Driver’s Stall

NASCAR has a history of being predominantly white. Whether this has to do with the fan base or something else, Bubba Wallace is currently the only black full-time driver for NASCAR. While the league continues to work of diversifying, allegations of a hanging noose found in Wallace’s stall lit up the headlines.

FBI was immediately called in to investigate the situation. The organization determined that the noose was not racially motivated because it had been hanging in the same position since October 2019, at the least. Many of Wallace’s fans were not satisfied with the FBI’s reporting on this issue. They believe the noose was racially motivated and nothing can be said to change their mind.

According to the FBI, no one was aware of the stall being assigned to Wallace. Reading between the lines, if no one knew the stall had been assigned to Wallace, it would have been impossible for the noose to be racially motivated.

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The National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR has been around for a long time. The privately-owned company was founded by Bill France in 1948. His son Jim has served as CEO since August of 2018. NASCAR is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida but it has a separate headquarters in Charlotte as well. Steve Phelps is the current President of the company. Throughout the year, NASCAR sanctions more than 1,500 races over 100 tracks across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

During this time, the organization has received criticism for various subjects. For instance, some argue that the France family has set policies that are unfair. Others complain that the organization contributes to pollution and other problems. One topic has remained consistent. NASCAR has been criticized repeatedly for allowing the Confederate flag to be waved during events. In 2015, Brian France tried to stop this and it led to outrage among fans. After the 2015 Charleston church shooting, NASCAR pleaded with fans to voluntarily stop flying the flag.

Once again, that did not work. Now, things have changed. After the killing of George Floyd and violent protests throughout the country, NASCAR caved to the pressure and announced a Confederate flag ban. So, the flag cannot be displayed during events or on NASCAR properties.

NASCAR Fighting For Survival

NASCAR’s main fan base comes from the southern states of America where it is generally acceptable to fly the Confederate flag. So, it is not surprising that many were outraged by the organization’s decision to ban it. While sponsors were happy, fans were not. Some called for NASCAR to be defunded. Fans took to the streets to show their displeasure. They waved the flag outside of the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. They were scheduled to do the same at the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania.

Many believe that NASCAR made the decision because it is fighting for its life. The racing organization has never been able to expand outside of the southern portion of the United States. It believes this move will give it leverage with possible fans elsewhere. However, there is a good chance that this will backfire. Instead of luring new fans, NASCAR may have alienated its fan base and that could result in NASCAR viewer numbers dropping significantly. If that happens, NASCAR may not be able to survive the battle like the NFL did. NASCAR is already in shambles so one mistake could be the last nail in the coffin.


At the end of the day, times are changing and things are changed rapidly. In the past, NASCAR didn’t hold back. The racing organization allowed fans to proudly wave the Confederate flag at NASCAR events but this is no longer the case. The flag has been banned and the organization has promised to diversify its base. The sport is changing quickly and you likely may not recognize it in a few years. Whether you’re a fan, striving professional racer, or a casual watcher, you’ll want to keep up with these changes. It is proving that America is becoming more progressive. For the better or worse, NASCAR will never be the same.

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