4 NFL Teams That Will Surprise Us In 2018

There are a few NFL teams that could show up in 2018 that have either been in a slump in recent years or had a terrible season in 2017. Other than assessing changes in the team and trying to judge how it stacks up against the proposed team’s division and schedule, we are going to see who has the most markedly improved season wins projection in Las Vegas and at online sportsbooks that follow. We’ll be using the season wins totals lines from 5Dimes, so I’ve included a 5Dimes review for readers to be able to compare what they offer.

The Browns

It would be easy for me to stay on the Browns-hater bandwagon and come to the conclusion that they are still a mess, which they are. But they are going to improve a lot. Will they be ‘good’ I doubt that, but this season marks a turnaround for the Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland has won one game in the last two seasons … 1 for 32. They are horrible. Disgraceful even. But they are lined out with a season wins projection of 5.5 games. And they are actually moderately heavy favorites to go OVER and win six games. Now, given the fact that they quite possibly have the toughest schedule in the NFL, I think that it’s wishful thinking to win six games, but even if they win four, it is a huge step up from off the bottom … where they have resided for some time now.

The Giants

The Giants could rebound hard this year and provide some real competition in the NFC East. Their biggest problem is the fact that the NFC East is tough. Obviously, the Eagles and Cowboys are great teams, but even the Redskins, newly loaded with Alex Smith don’t look like a cakewalk in the slightest.

Giants fans should be pleased that the G-Men are projected to win seven games. This is a giant improvement from the 3-13 campaign they had last season. They are loaded up with a new coach, brand new running back, and a fully revamped offensive line. The biggest concern for the Giants might just be Eli. Is he simply done? Not everyone can be Payton or Brady, even Payton’s little brother. But regardless, the NY is winning more than three. And I think that if the Giants organization is correct in all of the faith they are putting in their QB, they win eight maybe even nine games in 2018.

The Texans

The Texans sure had a bounce. They looked so good; then they looked so bad … They went from winning the AFC South in 2016 to dead last in 2017. But things are going to change in that division. They have JJ Watt back, and Deshaun Watson is leading the offense. After winning just four games last year, the Texans are expected to win 8.5, and like Browns, they are moderately favored to break that number an hit nine wins. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 10-win season, considering they have Keke Coutee running routes with DeAndre Hopkins, giving them more depth in the passing games.

The Jets

The Jets are not the clearest cut case of a team that is sure to improve, but there is definitely something about the squad that makes me think that they will be a couple of games better. They have been lined out at most sportsbooks to win six games this season, granted they are slightly favored to go UNDER six wins, which would put them in the same spot as last season which was five wins.

But the Jets secondary has gotten a lot better. In fact, the defense overall is much better, and they have a chance to take games from the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills to move up in their division. This is why I included them. I think they are going to surprise us defensively and win a couple more games than expected. We could talk about Sam Darnold and Josh McCown, but ultimately it’s the D that is going to make the difference because McCown or Darnold won’t have to score as much to win.


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