Jets will start Vick next week, QB says he could have won more games

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On Sunday quarterback Michael Vick got the New York Jets their second win of the season with a surprising win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With 39 yards of rushing on the ground, Vick became the first NFL quarterback with 6,000 yards rushing. Asked after the game Jets head coach Rex Ryan said that the 34-year-old would again start next week.

Vick himself expressed a belief that he was still a capable starter in the NFL.

“In my heart, I feel like on any team, I can be the starter. As long as it’s not Aaron Rodgers or Ben Roethlisberger. And I’m not saying those guys are better quarterbacks. I’m just saying that I’m confident in my abilities. If there’s an opportunity there, then, yeah.” said Vick.

“But, I do feel like at times, the opportunities were there but the coaches made the decisions not to do it. I totally understood everything that was taking place. It was all about developing a young quarterback, mentoring a young quarterback and giving him every opportunity to succeed. And now he has a chance to do it from afar and I think it’s going to help him.”

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