WWE Monday Night RAW Preview for October 6, 2014


WWE Monday Night RAW will be airing from the Barclays Center in Brookyln, New York on Monday. With nothing of relevance happening a week ago, the WWE will be poised to start adding matches for Hell in a Cell pay-per-view which is three weeks ago.

Paul Heyman is still not happy with HHH and Seth Rollins following the fallout from Night of Champions. With no one being an obvious opponent for Lesnar one has to wonder if we are headed towards another match against HHH or if this is simply a way to allow Lesnar to miss a PPV?

Roman Reigns is expected to address the WWE fans during RAW. It remains unclear if this will be in the ring or a pre-taped segment.

Luke Harper appears to have been set free by Bray Wyatt. This would appear to suggest that his days of being jobber tag team member are over and a singles push is in the cards. Expect Harper to earn a win and maybe get some microphone time on Monday. What his future with Bray Wyatt is still remains to be seen.

If there is anything good about the WWE right now it is their use of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins which is bringing back memories of the days of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Can these two keep it up or will the WWE find a way to botch this one?

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