Jimmy Johnson calls Jerry Jones “rich a-hole”

Jerry Jones is not planning to place former head coach Jimmy Johnson into the Cowboys Ring of Honor.

Johnson did not find Jones’ decision all too surprising and instead opted to take a shot at his former boss.

As it goes, Bob West of the Port Arthur (Texas) News tried to get an interview for Don Van Natta with Johnson. It never happened but Johnson did send him an email dropping a line about his old friend.

“About like I expected,” Johnson said in the email. “Jerry comes across as a rich a–hole.”

Johnson won two Super Bowls during his time as the Cowboys head coach. In recent years both Johnson and Jones have taken opportunities to claim that they were the architect of those teams.

Once Johnson resigned from the Cowboys he was replaced by Barry Switzer. In an interview earlier this year Switzer blamed Johnson for his poor relationship with Jones.

“Why do you think that they got a divorce? Jimmy is the one that cheated on him,” Switzer said. “If you want to talk about a marriage here, you go back and look at all the negative things that [Johnson] said…the things he did and the way he treated Jerry, and he’s the owner. What are you talking about?”

Switzer added: “Jimmy and Jerry had a poor relationship and Jerry finally got fed up with it, sucked up his guts, and fired his ass, simple as that. A bunch of coaches won’t even speak to Jerry because they’re worried about Jimmy getting on their ass or firing their ass. Hey, I’m telling you, that’s how it was. [Jones] got tired of living in that world.”

Good to know that Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson are still holding a grudge against each other after all these seasons. Meanwhile the Cowboys continue to wallow in mediocrity.

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