Antonio Cromartie supports Mark Sanchez as Jets QB, tells critics to kiss his butt

The debate still rages. No not the one for the White House, that one actually had a date where a decision was made. The New York Jets continue the saga of the quarterback position on a weekly basis. Now 3-6 the Jets season is in complete shambles yet players and coaches still rally around Mark Sanchez as the teams quarterback.

Antonio Cromartie was the latest to lash out at those who believe it is time that the Jets make the move to Tim Tebow at quarterback.

“They can kiss my ass. Mark is our quarterback,” Cromartie said. “At the end of the day, we couldn’t give a damn what anybody has to say on the outside. Mark’s our quarterback and will continue to be our quarterback. There’s not going to be no division.”

Forgot the horrid play of the Jets offense this year. The division was created when the Jets made a trade with the Denver Broncos for the divisive Tebow. For all the good qualities of Tebow he has the ability to create a wedge in any teams chemistry should they not have a solid quarterback in front of him. The Broncos had a struggling veteran in Kyle Orton at quarterback before they made the move to Tebow. The Jets have the inconsistent and now hopeless Sanchez at the reigns of their offense.

Truth be told comments from Cromartie, who woefully predicted a playoff appearance for the Jets just last week, should mean little to anyone anymore. The Jets season is done. Each game that the team refuses to admit that Sanchez is not a NFL starting quarterback will only prolong the agony because no longer does the defense cover up the blemishes of the offense.

John Bman
John Bman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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