Earl Bennett fined by NFL for wearing orange cleats

Dennis Wierzbicki/US Presswire

Earl Bennett, wide receiver for the Chicago Bears wore orange cleats against the Detroit Lions on Monday night. He told ESPNChicago that the league fined him $10,500 on Thursday for breaking the leagues uniform policy. This is not a strange occurrence for Bennett. Twice last season he wore bright orange shoes and the league fined him a total of $15,000 for it.

Bennett was coerced into wearing the cleats by teammate Brandon Marshall.

“It actually came about when I walked in the locker room (before the game) because I had them in my bag, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to wear them,” Bennett said. “Then Brandon Marshall was like, ‘Let’s wear them,’ so I just put them on. I probably wouldn’t have worn them if he wouldn’t have agreed to it.”

Not even the color of Bennett’s shoelaces could get him out of the leagues decision.

“Well I had pink shoelaces, though,” Bennett said. “That could sway it. We’ll see. Hopefully they don’t fine me. I did have the pink on for breast cancer awareness.”

Bennett caught three passes for a combined 27 yards in the Bears 13-7 win over the Lions.

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