Jerry Jones is delusional, We get it

Jerry Jones made some headlines today when he proclaimed that the Dallas Cowboys could win the Super Bowl.Jones did not say that the Super Bowl would be in the near future instead he said it would be this year. Some will say that Jerry Jones has lost his marbles. Nah. Jerry lost his sense of reality long ago.

“All of those things give us a chance to take a team that is, if you look at the pluses [Sunday], evolving into a team that can compete for the championship. Not next year. This year.” Jones told KRLD-FM.

Exactly why is anyone surprised?

This is an owner who has maximized profits and name value despite an average at best product. In the early years of the ownership of the Dallas Cowboys by Jones they had a great coach. Jimmy Johnson put the parts together to win two Super Bowls. When Jimmy left so did sanity. A Super Bowl win with Barry Switzer as coach cemented in the mind of Jones that he could win with anyone and anything.

Thus a downward spiral for the Dallas Cowboys. Countless years, countless frustrations.

Yet even with losing year after year the Cowboys remained relevant. The marketing side of Jones should be commended. I can not think of a single product which people buy and consume by the millions that can get such a low satisfaction rating as the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones knowns that America will do it again this weekend.

Jones built a new stadium for the Cowboys. Many longtime Cowboy fans were a little sad to see Texas Stadium go away. While the new stadium kept with the “hole in the roof” it was clear that Jones saw this as something he could call the entertainment capital of football. Bars, the biggest jumbotron and now a Victoria’s secret are all part of the Cowboys experience.

May I remind everyone that Jones talked up the Cowboys as a playoff team just weeks before Wade Phillips was let go in 2010. I would have been more shocked if Jones had of come out and said the team had no chance of winning a Super Bowl. It is well past the point where anyone should be stunned by what Jerry Jones says. Instead we should all sit down and have a good laugh

John Bman
John Bman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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