Ozzie Guillen’s time as manager of Miami Marlins could be over

Ozzie Guillen could be done in Florida as the manager for the Miami Marlins. The Palm Beach Post is reporting that owner Jeffery Loria is getting a lot of pressure from his top baseball executives to fire Guillen because they believe he has brought an unprofessional culture to the team.

Wednesday, Guillen said he expected to keep his job even though the Marlins finished in last place for the second year in a row, but it seems like that may not be the case.

One person was under the impression that Loria might be the last member of the team hierarchy supporting Guillen, even though the manager angered him with a recent comment.

Guillen was more worried about his vacation than whether he would be back as manager next season. Commenting, “The only thing I worry about, make sure that American Airlines plane is ready for Madrid on Thursday.’’

On Thursday, ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted that the “Marlins are aggressively seeking a replacement for Ozzie Guillen.”

The Marlins’ front office was supposed to meet with Loria in New York on Thursday to review the season and discuss changes for next year. But that meeting was postponed to Oct. 25, rumors are it was moved so a new manager could attend.

One possible scenario has the Marlins firing bench coach Joey Cora, Guillen’s long-time confidant. Several players have complained about working with Cora. Earlier this season in Spring training Guillen told the front office that he would quit if the team ever tried to fire any of his coaches. Guillen is owed 7.5 million dollars over the next three years, but if he quits he would not be paid.

Several members of the Marlins have complained to top team officials that Guillen is not the right man to manage the club because he does not do it with “integrity and professionalism,’’ a source said.

Some of the other issues the team has with Guillen is the constant cursing and the appearance of his three sons always being in the dugout, along with Guillen always making reference to not being worried because “I’ve got my money.”

Guillen was suspended earlier this year for five games because of his comments regarding cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Guillen commented on Wednesday about that incident,  “Do I have any regrets about this year? Yes, about the guy comments. That’s it. Losing games, that’s part of the game,’’ Guillen said.

He reiterated again that he wasn’t worried about losing his job and if he did, “If [I] get fired my life will continue. If I don’t get fired, I guarantee you I have to make this team better. That’s all I care about. …

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