NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin is pregnant?!

Denny Hamlin driver of the No.11 Fedex Toyota announced yesterday that his girlfriend, Jordan Fish is pregnant.
He is very excited to be a father and since babies are never born on race day, we know he won’t have to worry about that… Even though she is due in January which is NASCAR’s off season.  Hamlin said if he is even “half of what my dad was would be good” He said that his family did a lot for him to get to the point he is at, and talks of all the sacrifices they made for him to get to where he is at today.


“My dad tells me all of the time that some of the best times he had is just carrying me around in his pickup truck every day taking me to work with him and things like that. It’s going to be a great experience and so I’m really excited about it and really just excited to be a part of it. For my parents to have grandkids is all going to be good. Everything works great, things happen and we’re excited about the timing. It’s going to be in January, so it’s the off -season so all of that seems to be aligning perfectly for us. My parents and all live a mile or two down the road, so they’re going to get to visit all of the time. It’s going to be a great time over these next six month s to a year.” Hamlin said.

When asked about a wedding? Hamlin is in no rush,  “Especially now that all of this is going on and you want to be patient and everything. I am 31, so I consider myself pretty patient if I haven’t been married yet. There’s no reason to rush into it right now especially with everything that is going on. We’ve obviously got a busy six months ahead of us.”

Hamlin is currently sits 5th in the standings, -64 points behind leader Dale Earnhardt Jr. He has 11 top tens and 2 wins this season.



Credit: Quotes taken from Toyota Racing PR Interview
Photographed by: David J. Griffin/Icon SMI

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