Eric McClure hits wall hard at Talladega

Eric McClure the driver of the #14 Toyota hit the infield wall hard as the NASCAR Nationwide race was nearing it’s end. Video of the incident can be found below. McClure’s roof had to be cut off the car in order to remove him from it. He was running of the lead lap at the time of the accident.

John Bman
John Bman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.


  1. How come we can’t find anything on Eric’s condition. Sure was good to hear he was talking. Just would like to know his condition. Thank you to all the rescue crews for their quick and professonal help.

  2. Danica Patrick is classless with that cheap shot on Sam in the #12 DODGE. Clearly, Danica’s lack of experience is showing greatly as she attepts to race in NASCAR. “Yeah, right” her reply to Sam after he apologized to her after what she did to him?? Danica is a over-hyped, boring, non-talent / non-factor in NASCAR. I predict like many opened wheeled racers before her, she’ll return to Indy Car racing sooner, rather than later. The big, heavy, cumbersome stock cars are simply to much for her, and her average at best racing style and experience.

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