Ragan redeems self at Daytona, wins first race

It’s been years in the making, ever since Mark Martin left the #6 car. When would we see driver David Ragan in victory lane? After a strong sophomore season that saw him just miss the Sprint Cup Chase he’s been little more then an also ran.

When the year started at Daytona he came with a great car. While we’ve constantly heard he “could have” or “would have” won the Daytona 500 the fact is we don’t know that for sure and what we do know for sure is that he didn’t win.

Since that time Ragan has been a pole winner, constantly at the top of the speed charts in practice and yet still mistake prone during the events that truly matter.

Things haven’t been helped by the fact that sponsor UPS is not signed past the end of this season. While Ragan’s contract extends pass 2011, there’s no guarantee he’ll still be in the seat of the #6 car next year.

Ragan showed up to Daytona with two things going for him. He had a fast car and a great teammate pushing him around the track. The result was a finish that didn’t rival that of the 500 but one that saw Ragan finally find his way to victory lane.

The win put him in contention for a ‘wild card’ spot in the Chase. Wild card spots are awarded to the two drivers with the most wins and in the highest point positions should there be a tie. Ragan currently would join Denny Hamlin as wild card drivers.

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