LeBron will handle Heat, all will worship again

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) walks to the end line in the 1st quarter against the Washington Wizards at Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. on November 18, 2009. UPI / Mark Goldman Photo via Newscom

The soap opera of where LeBron James will play this upcoming year finally ended last night. Fittingly it was a one hour special on ESPN.

Yes. LeBron is going to Miami and frankly Cleveland (a city that never really stopped sucking when he was there) is pouring out in even more misery.

Fans are irate in Cleveland burning anything associated with their former star despite his pleas to the area that Akron will always be his home.

In fairness James never choose Cleveland. They choose him. They tanked a full season in order to draft him and despite all the talk the countdown to his exit from the city started the moment he put pen to paper on that first NBA contract.

Fans in other cities are equally angry. In Chicago, New York and New Jersey they are all saying they will never think of this guy the same. That they had lost all respect for James by “taking an easy way out to get an NBA title in Miami.”

Everyone is allowed to say what they want but here’s a few of my thoughts.

It’s LeBrons decision. Let the man decide where he will play. Maybe everyone should complain when the Yankees and Red Sox sign all the top talent free agents in baseball?

The truth is had the man known as King James joined any of those cities they would be just as stoked as the fans in Miami. Even on the best of teams championships are no guarantee. It’s not as if the rest of the NBA will stop playing because they can’t beat the three headed monster of Wade, James and Chris Bosh.

Then you have to wonder. Just how awesome will that Miami team be? For starters ESPN has them at 66 wins this year in their projections. How many can they really win? and what about championships… how many will they tally? This team has chances to be the best ever with this lineup.

Also I have to admit I was hoping LeBron would go to Miami. And I’m not even a Heat fan. I don’t even watch NBA. I just wanted everyone to get pissed off and bent out of shape just so you can watch them all worship him again in a few months when he scores 40 points in a game, wins a title and has sex with 88 women and a dancing banana all at the same time.

Yes LeBron is in Miami. Now shut up.

John Bman
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