Nationals call up Storen, Strasburg move coming

One of the easier ways to tell when an organization is nearing the call up of a top prospect is by a similar move of calling up a lesser prospect who figures to stay with the club for some time.

That’s exactly what the Washington Nationals did today. They called up prospect Drew Storen. While Storen projects as a possiable late inning reliever or a closer he’s certainly not Steven Strasburg.

So why is this even news you ask?

Well by caling up Storen the Nationals have started his service clock ahead of that of Strasburg. Ok…

Well the top 17% of players who haven’t played three years become super two players in terms of arbitration so basically what the Nationals have done is exactly what I thought the Braves may try to do this year with Jason Heyward.

In other words they did the same thing the Braves did by calling up Kris Medlen before they called up Tommy Hanson last season.

These types of manuevers, like the Storen one, have become a clear sign of a top prospect about to be called up.

John Boarman
John Boarman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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